All new clients are asked to make a 15% deposit for dates up to 6 hours for arrangements in Belgium. Meetings longer than 6 hours require a 20% deposit and meetings abroad 30% and full travel costs.


Deposits are non-refundable in case of cancelation from your part but can be used as security for a new date. This only applies if you cancel at least 12 hours in advance or 24 hours with meetings abroad. In the rare case that I would have to cancel, you will get refunded in full. Transactions are always through a discrete system. 

Deposits are essential to enable me to clear my schedule and make the required preparations regarding our meeting with a care-free mind. Resulting in me being able to arrive comfortable and excited about our meeting. 

1.5 hours 500€

2 hours - 600€

3 hours- 800€

4 hours - 1.000€

8 hours - 1.800€

12 hours - 2.200€

24 hours - 2.800€ 

Each additional full day - 1.200€

My rates represent the quality of companionship that I provide. If you feel like they don't represent the amount that you want to spend, I will graciously have to ask you to move on and continue your search as they are non-negotiable.