I view my art as a companion as just that, creativity. I like to keep a small circle filled with high-quality connections. I do have a day-time occupation that requires a lot of my time and energy, and I spend my free time as a companion to unwind from that. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that everything goes as smooth and relaxed as possible for the both of us.

A few things you can do to help:

  • Read my website. I kept it simple and easy to navigate. All relevant info is listed here, and additional info can be inquired through email I will not answer questions that are answered on the website already.

  • Use the reservation form to set up our meeting or give all the needed info in your first email. Going back and forth, unnecessarily, is a mood killer for the both of us.  

  • Provide honest info. My screening is only put in place for my safety and wellbeing and will be deleted immediately after completion. I have the highest regard for your info and have no interest in taking advantage of it. 

  • I also expect you to consider my privacy and safety. Reviews and forum discussions are not allowed as they have damaged my privacy in the past and lead to hazardous situations. I view each meeting as something incredibly intimate and personal. I strive to give myself in the most private way possible and trust my companions with that experience. I do not want that to be shared with others on a public forum. If you choose to ignore this, I will take the necessary steps to protect my safety.

  • Please make sure that the remainder of the fee is ready in an envelope at the start of the meeting. 

  • Photographing or recording me without permission is strictly prohibited and will result in you being blacklisted and reported to the authorities.

  • I take much pride in my looks and will be dressed and groomed entirely when meeting you. I expect the same care from your part. 

  • Respectful and thoughtful inquiries get priority treatment. 

Reservations & Screening

To arrange a meeting with me I ask for the following through a respectfully written email:


  • Real-world info: your full name and online information that shows me that you are the person that you say you are. This can be in the form of social accounts, LinkedIn or anything that you feel comfortable with.

  • A short introduction. Who are you, what do you like, what are your expectations regarding our time together.

  • Practical info: date, time, duration, location.

  • Optional: references from independent working escorts if you have them. I need to be able to contact them myself. Please give them a heads up and ask them first if they are comfortable with this. 

All inquiries can go to