There is something quite unnatural trying to describe what kind of person I am in a few words on a website.

I could go with classy and that would be true. I know how to dress gracefully and comprehend proper etiquette even in more upscale situations. However, I also love to hang out at home wearing a onesie and watching movies. 

Maybe outgoing? Sure, I'm an open book and feel most comfortable being honest, kind and fun. But I also have my moments where talking is exhausting and I completely adore to listen to your interesting stories and point of view. Even when it differs from mine.

Elegant might be the one... I love dressing in beautiful dresses and know how to handle my high heels as I walked right off the runway. But I fall over more times than I can count just walking to the supermarket.

I could you on for a while but I think you understand. I have no desire to be arm candy without personality, nor do I want to pretend to be a "special snowflake" that is quirky. I don't have enough acting skills to pull off being anyone but myself. 

I feel like our everyday lives are dark enough. For me, being a companion is all about exploring the intense love I have for human connections and enjoying the lighter side of life. You can expect kindness from me and understanding on the deepest possible level. The space I create is a safe one for the both of us. Where honesty is primary and no masks need to be put on. 

I'm looking forward to the moment when you go from client to friend.

I am in my early 20's 

Speak Dutch as a first language, fluent in English and strong conversational French.

I was born and raised in Belgium and have exotic influences.

My body is between slim and curvy (depending on who you ask).

I have a non-surgical B cup and am between a small and medium clothing-wise. 


I do not want to pinpoint one type of date that I prefer, as it depends on the mood I am in and multiple other factors. I am very open to trying unique things if the setting is right. If you are still a bit stuck on what you want to plan for us, you can not go wrong with these:

  • Dinner dates. I am an absolute foodie, and nothing satisfies me more than eating exceptional food, having a fine cocktail, and enjoying excellent conversation.

  • Fly-me-to-you. Travel is something I haven't been able to do as much as I wish lately, and I am inspired to be able to do this more often. 

  • Movie dates. Film has been a big part of my life, and I enjoy it genuinely. If we are limited to one indoor location for an extended period, get a movie playing so we can cozy up to each other.

  • Any outdoor/cultural activity or event that is new to me, I will deeply appreciate.

When it comes to clients, I don't have a preferred type. We will get along if you are: kind, warm, open-minded, respectful, and intelligent. I am a sapiosexual, so good conversation is a big turn-on for me.

We will have a struggle getting along if you only want to "get in and get out" or view me as a "hobby."